My Story – Meet your coach, Elisabeth Denizot

Something was missing in my life. I had a caring, supportive husband, a loving, creative daughter, in-laws I simply adored, a meaningful career as a teacher and I lived in a place that I knew had captured my heart forever. Yet, something was missing, I was feeling emptiness that affected my life. It dawned upon me that, although I had looked around for a place to ride horses when I moved from France to Colorado, I had gotten caught up in life’ s daily turmoil and never completed that quest. For many years, starting in my early teens until I moved over, I rode horses. I loved learning the basics of dressage, jumping and cross-country at my eventing riding school. And above all, I loved being in their presence.

I took the first step by volunteering at Rocky Mountain Riding Therapy which got my heart filled up. Yet, deep inside, I knew I needed more if I was to follow my true calling. Intuitively, I knew that there was more to horses than riding them. I knew that the well-being I experienced merely by standing in their presence could benefit others also. That first step was soon followed by another one when I signed up to become an Equine Gestalt Coach.

When statistics about teenage depression rates were brought up, I did not see numbers, I saw faces. I saw the faces of my own high school students. The stress and anxieties they shared with me. Sometimes, they would be absent from class and I would learn that their mental health had required special professional care. My heart ached when I heard about the belief that their lives would be over if they did not get into a “good” college. The difficulty some of them had to “fit in the social scene.” The feeling that they were never “enough”. Not enough academically, socially, physically. Never good enough to fulfill all of society’s expectations and requirements. Never good enough and losing their soul in the search of the unattainable. When I came across the Touched by a Horse Program, I knew I was in the right place to be the change I needed to be for my students and my own daughter. My own experience with Touched by a Horse was a rewarding journey of introspection and personal growth. It also helped me to gain skills necessary to guide others from anxiety and fear to empowerment and awareness that our destiny is in our own hands.

It is up to us as parents and educators to take the first step. The first step towards nurturing our own selves. The first nurturing, courageous step to tackle whatever unfinished business we carry with us and pass on to our children without even being aware of it.

It is up to us to change by doing our own work and freeing space for our children to thrive. Only through self-awareness will we make a difference.

What we are not aware of controls us.

Take the first Nurturing Stride !

Meet My Equine Partners

Horses read through us like an open book. As prey animals, their survival depends on their ability to accurately read their environment. They need to be able to identify a mountain lion lurking in the distance and to know whether the predator has a full stomach or needs to eat.

Any incongruency in their environment is perceived as a threat. Horses love harmony. They are masters at signaling to us, in a non-judgmental way, that we are not congruent, that is, when our mind, guts and body are not aligned. They know to guide us towards achieving congruency.

Spirit - The Caring Mare

Spirit The Caring Mare

Spirit is a 16- year- old bay Trakehner. She is a natural, caring leader. At her former barn, she was sharing a pasture with several other mares. A young mustang, Jasper was introduced to the herd. One day, one of the other mares attacked Jasper. Spirit interfered to protect her. Spirit got injured but Jasper was safe and the aggressive mare was moved to a different paddock. With her highly sensitive and intuitive nature, Spirit connects deeply with animals and humans alike. She will guide you to find your Truth.

Casper - The Friendly Horse

Casper, The Friendly Horse

Casper is a 6- year- old grey Quarter Horse. He has a sweet temperament and loves to be close to humans. When he first met Spirit, he was happy to recognize her as his leader and they became friends in an instant. They love grazing together off of the same hay net even if they each have their own. Casper will eat anything that looks edible to him. He also loves water – whether it is a shower or stepping into his water tank! On top of his curious, adventurous nature, he deeply connects from his heart to yours.

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