Testimonials about Elisabeth


Elisabeth is deeply intuitive, compassionate, and thoughtful. Several times she was able to hear through my words and find the truth that I was hiding from without knowing it. She started each session with a grounding breath and a sincerely supportive tone of voice that instantly put me at ease and into the moment. Her coaching was supportive and encouraging. The outcome for me was deeper compassion for myself and progress on a project that was only in my head until now.

There was one week in particular that I attempted to cancel and Elisabeth coached me to drop the guilt of not being prepared and meet anyways. That was a beautiful “aha” for me – drop the guilt and show up anyway! Elisabeth was also really great at going with the flow and coaching me through emotional work alongside with the tools she was coaching me to use. A few times she cracked open crevices and peeled back beautiful layers I didn’t know needed peeling. Elisabeth implemented experiential pieces from afar which was really cool. She did a fabulous job and helped me immensely – I am so grateful!

Nelle R, WI (after 8-week phone coaching series)

Elisabeth demonstrates a remarkable ability to help her clients become quickly present and aware of not only their challenges but also their place on the planet. Her gift of offering grounding presence gives one a solid foundation for healing.

Annmarie E. Huppert, Gig Harbor, WA
Author, PTSD self-help

Elisabeth is extremely flexible and great at grounding. I was also very impressed with her style of holding me accountable in a way I could handle at the time and get back on track. She was really a solid coach and I needed her to be. She really towed the line for which I am grateful .We worked with what I was capable of at the time .

She coached me through what was one of the hardest transitions of my life. She met me where I was, kept me on track, held me accountable and held massive space in the face of me being what I can only imagine was me being the client from hell which I feel very badly about and am in full gratitude for.

Kerry C, Denver, CO after 8 weeks phone coaching sessions

I am continually amazed by Elisabeth’s ability to empathize and ask deep and amazing questions.

Kerry C, CO

Your Compassion, empathy and caring for humans and animals is exceptional. Your delightful energy and powerful insights enable you to be an effective coach.

Libby M, Westminster, CO

Elisabeth is an amazing coach! She is very intuitive, calm and kind. She has an amazing gift and I would encourage anyone wanting to create a better life for themselves to do a session with Elisabeth!

Melissa C, Denver, CO

Thank you for letting me experience your awesome and deep energy this weekend! You are so appreciated for being gentle and understanding as well as powerful and vastly expressive. Much love!

Heike V, Elizabeth, CO