I am Joy

 I am Light

 I am Strength

 I am the reed that bends and does not break

 I am Solace

 I am Laughter

 I am One with the Universe

 I am Grace

 I am Fluidity

 I am Manifestation

 I am Celebration

 I am the Source that quenches all Thirst

 I am the Temple that harbors the Soul

 I am Anchor

 I am Abundance

 I am Acceptance

 I am Silence

 I am Sacredness

 I am Nurturance

 I am Sparkle

 I am Whole

 I am Here

 I am Now

 I am Life

Elisabeth Denizot

Experiment with ” I am ” statements. Write your own. Read them often. Call upon them when you need them and experience their power…